Founded in 1999, American Sports is a manufacturer and importer of quality sporting goods, apparel, and equipment. Offering a one stop shop for all of your athletic needs in a highly demanding industry requires a company with the backbone and the infrastructure to handle all your demands. American Sports was one of the first companies to introduce the hand stitched soccer ball into the United States. American Sports takes pride in offering the consumer a means to personalize and customize their products to fulfill their needs. Taking a concept from thought and spinning it into reality is what makes us a leader in the industry. Looking to make a special impression on a client, organization, club, trade or team can be a very tedious chore. Our team is ready to listen to your ideas and provide you with an economical solution through our promotional and specialty division. 

American Sports entered the market as an importer of soccer balls. Over the course of the first year, it was determined that in order to be competitive in the industry, it would be necessary to diversify the product line to include all aspects of the sport of soccer. Today we offer over 100 different products in the soccer category which is continuously updated. This year American Sports will be importing additional equipment for their product line. Volley Ball, Basketball, Football and Baseball will be added, under the Tempest brand name, along with the apparel and field equipment. This will help launch American Sports as a supplier of a multitude of sports. 

As the founders of the name brand “Tempest”, we are proud of our vast variety of soccer balls that we provide. In fact; we stand by are balls to the extent that we have put a manufacturers guarantee on our non-promotional soccer balls. Being as our soccer balls are hand stitched by the finest manufacturers of quality, we will refund your soccer ball if the stitching or the bladder are not performing as they should. With proper handling of our soccer balls, we know it’ll last you for years. If you’re interested in promotional balls, or creating your own soccer ball from scratch, click on our “Build-A-Ball” link to show your creativity and create a unique ball that nobody in the world has. Any questions? Just give us a call! We’ll deliver anywhere in the world!

Looking for corporate, team, or club packages? You tell us what you need and it’s yours. From sport uniforms, to T-shirts, to polo’s all the way to button downs; we can provide you with any colors and any imprints/embroidery that you require. With our vast variety of apparel, we can provide on a small scale and produce on a very large bulk scale, depending on your needs no matter where you are in the world. With our contacts around the world, we can deliver any good to your destination.

Field Accessories:
Everything you need except for the field itself is here. Check out some of our Field products and try them out. We’re excited to see how much you’ll enjoy our Field Accessories. If you’re constantly painting a field, take a look at our newest addition, “Field-Accents.” They’ll make relining your field easy, time after time, with no hassle.